Mariska & Quintus

When designing a wedding we always like to start from the venue, its style & atmosphere. The wedding of Mariska & Quintus took place at one of the most beautiful terraces you can find on Santorini, with breathtaking view of the Caldera, minimal and clean lines, in a white and rocky setting. Having that on our mind and the couple’s love for pampas grass (as we all have!) we aimed for a modern and elegant styling to complement the beauty of the venue and not to overshadow it.

Captured by White On Black

" Omg this intimate wedding in Santorini has us in full blown fan-girl mode! Every little detail planned has our hearts aflutter from the dried botanical and pampas grass wedding arch to the colorful pillows in each chair at the reception. Swooning is an understatement. Get ready for the ultimate summer destination wedding. "

-Ruffled Blog

" We have always been hopeless romantics, and the day Quintus and I started to plan our destination vows, we both agreed that we wanted to get married in a place where God created the deepest blue ocean, black volcanic mountains and the stars to meet. A magical place to escape the ordinary, Santorini. And so the adventure began. It was important to us that everything would compliment the splendid views. Everything was perfect, from the shimmering moonlike Lunaria bouquet to dancing on the caldera cliff to the sweet sounds of the live guitarist."


-Ruffled Blog

" We love this modern reception setup with colorful pillows in each ghost chair and fluffy pampas grass that almost looks like it’s floating overhead. Now we just need to figure how how can we score an invite to a wedding like in Santorini! "